Its, Time For the Africa Horizon “AFRICA MATTERS; AFRICA IS THE FUTURE.”

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About the Presenter: Honorable  Ambassador Tunde  Adetunji, One of the most iconic African Philosopher, Talented & Gifted Community Oriented  Professional; Philanthropist, Master communicator, Audacity of Hope of Africans in the Diaspora.  Hon. Ambassador Tunde Adetunji is a visionary, an idealist, a realist, and a prince, born to a royal family in Nigeria. He is the Africa cultural Ambassador, CEO, and founder of the Africa Heritage Foundation, Africa World Museum & Center, Africa Day in Atlanta and the Africa Radio and Television network. He is an expert on Africa Affairs, he is a renown presenter, an Author, a master communicator, a motivational speaker and a researcher. He has been constantly nominated and featured on who is who in Black Atlanta annual publication and was one of African Business Journal’s 100 Most Influential Multicultural Business Leaders for year 2010. 

His Passion:  Passionate on engagement in African Affairs, promoting culture, education and economic opportunities between the State of Georgia, the United States in general and the 55 Nations of Africa, his theme is “Africa Matters and Africa is the Future” and “Bridging the Gap and Building the Bridge between Africa and the Diaspora.” 

His Commitment: He is committed to teaching and educating people about doing business with Africa and Africa business to USA. He has traveled all over the world, work in 110 cities and 57 countries and Ambassador Tunde’s versatility and expertise, as art historian, curator, anthropology, journalist and lecturer has made him a foremost dignitary on Africa and the African Diaspora.

Ambassador Tunde Adetunji always says "Vision is greater than Ambition", He anchored his accomplishment on, " Team work makes the dream Work"


When you hire Amb. Tunde Adetunji to speak at your event, you can expect:

  1. An engaging, insightful, and actionable keynote presentation that will inspire your audience to think differently and act intentionally.  
  2. Every presentation will be customized to address the specific needs and interests of your audience, including examples and stories from the topic.
  3. Amb. Tunde uses his natural sense of humor to keep the audience entertained while they're learning the big idea. 
  4. A professional speaker whose primary goal is to serve your audience (not his own ego). Amb. Tunde views the opportunity to contribute to your event as a privilege and strives to make the experience as easy and boring-free as possible.

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